Top 10 most annoying people ever

Nothing new, we all know the people I’m about to describe here:

  1. The DIY neighbor: he has no weekend, no holiday,no shame and never enough shelves. It’s 10 o’clock in the evening, he HAS to make as much noise as possible because ” he has no money to hire a carpenter” or “wants to prove that he can do everything by himself” .
  2. The vegetarian/vegan/fruitarian : usually is a fat almost obese woman, the “meat is murder” t-shirt is mandatory. She harasses people in supermarkets and explains her uber-stupid theories to everyone, even to those not willing to listen. If you dare to say anything she calls you “an uneducated mushroom” even if in some cases she isn’t even a college graduate.
  3. The animal lover aka mother-of-all-feral-dogs : usually very old or very poor, gathers feral cats and dogs and keeps them in her apartment, even if the smell and the noise become unbearable at some point. This “animal lover” has a heart of stone and curses the victims of feral dogs attacks and posts long idiotic arguments on social media.
  4. The feminist: usually around 40-45 years old obese woman with an “unhappy life”, blaming everything on men or her ex husband. Makes a fool of herself by publishing photos of her disgusting almost naked body and a piece of paper with feminist messages. Envies normal couples and does everything to destroy their happiness.
  5. The “rape victim” : 90%¬† pathological liars, fishing for compassion –¬† drama queens. For example, a woman I’ve met on Facebook, her name is Ilona Agata. In a topic she claimed to be a rape victim, but when i asked her friends and family how,when,where did that happen they all said it never happened. You will say “poor girl was too ashamed to tell her family about the rape”. Really? You tell everyone on Facebook¬† but not your family? I call it bullshit!
  6. The feminist man: usually an old impotent guy spending all his free time on social media “fighting for women’s rights”. For him, a 12 years old girl “forced” by parents to respect a curfew and a dress code is “an abused woman”.
  7. The “poor abused Muslim woman” : she does nothing to free herself, just cries on social media and tries to impress everyone with her “sad story”.
  8. The dressed-like-a-slut young girl: yoga pants, slutty makeup,slutty attitude, no bra under the t-shirt, but wants respect. Has sex with all the neighborhood but when you accuse her of being a prostitute, she threatens or curses you.
  9. The virtuous prostitute: she’s an “exotic dancer”, “hostess”, “escort” or “companion” because she has to pay her University taxes, oh woe me story. Ya know.. you could pay your taxes too by working at the are a slut because you want to be one, no one forces you to be.
  10. The extremely annoying,screaming,yelling,shouting child at the supermarket: his mamma is more worried about her Facebook status and check-in and completely ignores the child. If you dare to ask why didn’t she left him at home, she will either pretend to be offended or say something about the latest gruesome TV news featuring children dead in horrific house accidents ( fire,intoxication, electrocution and so on) . Really? As a kid, mom never took me with her to the market place, she left me in my room with toys, chocolate and books. As you can already have guessed, nothing ever happened, i didn’t set the house on fire and didn’t played with the gas pipes, cooking machine and other dangerous stuff.

That’s all for today.