Reasons why you SHOULDN’T play SW:TOR

I just quit that game and i do not regret that decision. After all, there’s no point in playing something that’s not interesting anymore, something that’s only an empty husk of a once good game. Here are (some) or the reasons for unsubscribing and leaving:

  1. There is no communication between developers and players, only between developers and “influencers” – a group of so-called “experienced players speaking in the name of everyone”. Well that is plain bullshit, there were no elections, i gave my vote to no one, so how the hell is someone i don’t even know speaking in MY name? One of those “influencers”, a person going under the fake names “dulfy” and “Kristina Hunter” brags about her certification from an online site for gamers . Big deal, everyone can make a site, steal some info from other sites and give “certifications” to whoever wants them..  Why i believe “Kristina Hunter” is a fake name and might not even be a woman at all? One “her” site there’s a very small photo of her wearing huge sunglasses hiding 60% of her face. Now if you have nothing to hide, why not post a photo of you so everyone can see your face? Because you might actually be Chris Hunter, a fat nerdy dude living in his mamma’s basement? And even if you’re not a girl and you don’t look like a top model, why hide? Trust me, the players seeking the.. Jedi Knight rotation on your site don’t give a damn about the way you look.
  2. The absurd changes : one of the items used for weapon/armor upgrade is called ” augment kit MK” and has 10 grades ( MK1,MK2 and so on). At some point, the developers deleted the MK 9 and MK10 and “replaced” them with MK 8. So for a brief period there were 3 MK8  in game: the original MK8, the MK8 with the value of an MK 9 and the MK 8 with the value of MK 10. What the actual fuck?? Then the idiots tried to repair this absurd  situation by re-introducing the MK 9 with its correct value and later by re-introducing the MK 10.
  3. The data crystals: even if you’re not a player you understand a system like ” do quests, gather items called data crystals then exchange them for armors & weapons at a certain NPC” . That’s right, it used to be very simple even for newbies. Now the data crystals were replaced by Galactic Command crates – Galactic Command is only for lvl 70, so if you’re not lvl 70 you can basically fuck off, no one cares you have no chance of getting any decent stuff .
  4. The weekly “maintenance”: when you subscribe, you pay a certain amount of money to have more privileges for 30 days. what you’re not told is that you won’t be able to play 30 days, but 26, because every Tuesday there’s a 5-6 hours long “maintenance”, a down server period in which the idiot developers are patching and trying to repair their own mistakes aka geodata errors, missing NPC, companions not joining even if the recruitment quest is over.. Bottom line, they steal your payed play time and you cannot say anything .
  5. The over-priced items: everything that can be sold or bought is extremely expensive, people are greedy and the game economy is a disaster. Credit card fraud and gold spammers are never banned, it is almost like they somehow serve the developer’s interests.
  6. The over-dramatic class story, especially Bounty Hunter’s : long short story, in BH class story (almost) everyone you care about dies. Your instructor, your fellow Champions of the Great Hunt, your leader ( which is also a sort of adoptive father for you) and in the end your friend or (boyfriend) Torian, a companion that can be romanced and married by female players. Therefore your character turns into a very dangerous person with nothing to lose anymore, even if that way is not your way.
  7. And finally, the community: imagine the worst bunch of haters,racists,pedophiles,psychopaths,sexually obsessed .. yep, thats the SWTOR community. Do you really want to be a part of that? I guess not.

Star Wars: The ..Eternal Republic of American Assholes.

        Gotta admit, even if i’m 37 years old, i still play online games. Unlike other gamers, i really don’t give a damn if the game is Korean, Chinese, Japanese, American or whatever. If it has a cool story and nice graphics, is OK.  Spent a lot of time playing Silkroad, Lineage II, LOTRO, Shaiya, Perfect World and.. the Cinderella of this list, Star Wars : The Old Republic. Why a Cinderella? Go play and see for yourself  how Disney is screwing everything up. One word of advice: beware of the community! You think WoW has a shit community? Think again!

        Of course, any other SWTOR player reading this will say I’m “qq-ing” or excessively complaining, well no one forced you to read this, so feel free to fck off.

Besides Disney, the other group ruining this game are the American players: assholery at its finest, idiocy,illiteracy,stupidity and wrong applied sarcasm – by the way, sarcasm doesn’t make you a witty person, but an imbecile. Here is a list of American gamers stupidity , if you have something to add, feel free to send me a message:

  1. the ” ex marine” demanding respect,yet posting extremely disturbing stuff on general chat, stuff like ” kill all newborn babies to avoid world overpopulation”, “allah akbar” and ” euthanasia is the solution” – the idiot wanted to say “eugenia” not “euthanasia” but LOL, what do you expect from some pathetic drunk wanking at photos of female marines? ( he admitted to be a pathetic drunk wanking at those photos..) 
  2. the extreme hatred towards Latino and Eastern European people, motivated by whatever that idiot Trump said. Good job, Mr. President! You’re the very definition of asshole,why the hell do you instigate young people to hate Latinos and Eastern Europeans? Is it funny? i don’t think so.
  3. the instant “troll” labeling of people with different opinions – for example if you like an unpopular companion like.. let’s say Zenith or Ashara Zavros, you’re a troll. ( in SWTOR, companions are NPC characters who help you during quests or missions, each of them has its own story, some of them are even romantic partners for your characters.) if you don’t dress like a whore ( as a female player), you’re a troll. If you’re not dark side on all characters, you’re a troll. if you say you like Michelle Obama, you’re a troll. if you don’t bash and shun Asian MMOs, you’re a troll.
  4. the sarcastic answers: so, let’s say you’re a bounty hunter, just recruited your first companion, Mako. you know you have to give her gifts to increase effectiveness , but you have no idea what sort of gifts , there are more that 8 categories.  you ask on general chat and expect an answer like ” Mako likes weapons, trophies and military gear” – but you get something like .. ” a dildo” or ” your dick”. great, just fucking great, you’re new and the people that are supposed to help you are assholes for no reason..
  5. the “search on Google” or “search on Dulfy” thing: you ask for help, for example how do you go back to your starting planet, let’s say ..Korriban. instead of the correct answer, some big shot idiot from a big famous-infamous guild tells you to search on Google. tell me, Mr, big shot dude, why the fuck is it a MMO if no ones helps and I’m supposed to do everything alone? or how the hell am i supposed to exit full screen and open Google when I’m in an unsafe zone where mobs can re-spawn on me? if I’m a newbie, I’m as good as dead.. If i wanted to play alone, i would have installed Zuma, LOL.
  6. the weird misplaced racial hatred towards certain companions, especially Corso Riggs – aka ” he should be killed because he looks like a Mexican”  – Trump’s influence again . WTF, just WTF.. you guys forget you are ” in a galaxy far far away ” where Earth does not exist. Besides, it is unclear if Corso is a human of a kiffar ( sorry if i wrote it wrong..)
  7. the obsession for the ugliest,sluttiest and most despicable female NPCs in the game – aka Jaesa Willsaam ( the DS version) , Vailyn and Kalyio Djanis. Long short story, the first is a servant turned Jedi turned sith turned slut, the second one is a psychopath,sadist and skimming bitch, the third is a degenerate turned secret agent turned terrorist – luckily she can be disposed of at some point. you dare to say something on chat or forum, you’re instantly reported and banned.
  8. the absurd demands , like “nerf that or that class because they kick my ass in PvP” . well,dear loser, learn how to play your fucking class, get your shitty computer together, stop downloading porn to minimize the lag and quit asking for other classes to be nerfed, is no one’s fault for you being an arrogant idiot lacking basic game knowledge. ( PvP means player-versus-player, also known as warzone)
  9. the forum moderators being the biggest assholes of them all: if an American is insulting you, is “because they have their right to their opinion” . If you insult them back, you committed a “ban-able offense” and your right to post is suspended for very long periods of time – 6 months or even an year, until your ” infraction” expires  – i forgot to say in SWTOR the ban-able offenses are called “infractions” – so basically no matter what Americans  say or do, they are never ever punished. Let’s cut the bullshit, 6 months forum ban for an argument? That’s stupid.
  10. the term “infraction” : why the hell is a juridic term used in a MMO?? so basically , a bunch of civilians with no law knowledge are calling you a villain ( or criminal) even if there wasn’t any Court session , a sentence, a hearing and most important, you had no legal representation.
  11. finally, the “Star Wars should be only for American players” . BULLSHIT. SW is an international phenomenon, it belong to the world, not to the USA. Two of the most important characters in the SW movies are played by Scottish, not American actors ( Sidious and Maul). Tattooine is in .. Tunisia. Some action scenes were filmed in New Zealand. The inspiration for Mandalorians where the Spartans. Hopefully you got the picture?

That’s all for now, but don’t worry, I’ll post more on the topic soon.